Do you have hours of raw video footage from your GoPro, drone, phone or other device, but don’t know how to make a viewable video?  What good is it just sitting on your hard drive, unedited?  What you really want is for all that raw footage to be edited into a 2 minute, shareable video, but you have no time or don’t know how to do it. We can help!

We are a team of highly qualified media professionals with years of experience filming and editing action sports, with a specialisation in outdoor sports.  Send us your raw footage with some background information and instructions (secure FTP or post), and we will edit it down to a bitesize 2 min video, highlighting only the best parts of your footage with some graphics and any pictures you also want inserted in order to make a fun story.  Your entertaining video will be in MP4 and can be easily uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and iTunes. 

Send us up to two hours of raw footage and we will edit it into a 2 minute clip for just €49.00 (VAT may apply). Have more than two hours of raw footage? A personalised quote will be required.  If you shoot video often during the year then subscribe for a year with 10 edits for €339.

Lets get started!

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