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Appenninica MTB Race 2020, Wild Racers Ecuador, Kite Masters 2020 Ep.6 and Yügen – The Film

Appenninica Mountain Bike Race 2020
The spectacular Appenninica MTB Stage Race covers 460 kilometers in seven stages, with steep climbs and technical descents, for an elevation gain of about 16 thousand meters along the spine of Italy in the Apennine ridges between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. The men/women race includes solo riders and teams of 2 riders. The route follows the MTB trail of the Alta Via dei Parchi, across Tuscany, and the provinces of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Parma.

Wild Racers – Ecuador – Episode 5
Ecuador comprises episodes 4 to 8 of 24 episode Wild Racers series, that takes viewers on a journey into the ultimate feat of endurance within the Adventure Racing World Series. Episode one lands us on the shores of Quito, Ecuador. This majestic South American City is better known as the gateway to the Galapagos Islands. For this adventure our teams head inland to the high country where altitude and conditions are near life threatening. Teams are required to get acclimatised due to the extremes of altitude that they will experience in the coming days. As a challenge we set a course through the city, landmarks and outskirts of Quito. This is an enthralling prelude to the race ahead.

Kite Masters 2020 – Episode 6
As we come to the end of the 2020 series, we look back to the extreme world of kiteboarding and the evolution of the sport in preparation for Paris 2024.  We cover all the action at the 2020 KiteFoil European Championships in Playa de las Burras, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria and travel to the USA to meet Daniela Moroz, four-time Hydrofoil Kiteboarding World Champion, one of the most popular and youngest riders in the world.

Yügen – The Film
Yūgen is a 3-year borderless mountain-based documentary film that explores the connection that mountaineers, and environmentalists share with the natural world.  Snowboard mountaineer Rafael Pease and crew travel to the corners of the world, taking video gear into never seen locations to capture the true essence of being one with the mountain. Experience the most unique untold stories of the environmental conscious deep in the soul of the mountains.

Vendée Globe 2020-2021 amazing daily stories 7 – 13 Jan
The fleet rounds Cape Horn and heads for the final stretch home across the Atlantic Ocean. Isabelle Joschke on MACSF had a keel problem and had to abandon. The five boats leading the race are very close to each other….anything can happen….a very tight race. See all the daily action.

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