Discovering Val di Funes Dolomites, fastpacking the Tahoe Rim Trail, Petzl Roctrip Argentina, Wild Racers Switzerland and Michelle Kehoe

Discovering Val di Funes – Dolomites
Julia and Laurence take you on an eye popping hike up one of the most beautiful valleys in the Dolomites – FUNES – in the shadow of the Odles mountains and up to Rifugio Genova where the snowy peak awaits them. Meet intrepid mountainbikers, rare Russian hunting dogs and sip grappa while enjoying the views…..

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Michelle Kehoe
Michelle is the owner of CBD Leaforganics and a veteran of the UK OCR scene.
We chat about CBD and how it can help you as an athlete and in everyday life, also Michelle breaks down the science and the BS behind CBD.

Fastpacking the Tahoe Rim Trail
The Tahoe Rim Trail forms a complete loop 165 miles around the Lake Tahoe Basin on the border of California and Nevada. A thru-hike of the trail typically takes 10-15 days. My friend Adam and I had planned on fastpacking the trail over a 5 day period in late June. The only problem is that this happened to be a particularly high snow year, with snowpack in the Sierra Nevada range at over 200% of average, and 33 times the levels of the previous year. We never could have anticipated just how much of a challenge that would prove to be.

Petzl Roc Trip Argentina
Located in the heart of the Patagonian pampas, in Argentina’s Chubut province, Piedra Parada’s monolith rises up from the surrounding desert. Lying just to the north, the majestic La Buitrera Canyon was home to the Petzl RocTrip. For more than a week, climbers from all over the world came together to share a common passion: climbing.

Wild Racers – Episode 24 – Switzerland
The race is still wide open despite the extreme physical and mental fatigue. The immeasurable ability of our athletes to believe in themselves is fascinating. 25km kayaking which now feels like 50 followed by Mountain Bike/Raft 110km in harsh conditions and a 70 km trek as a final leg is the final torture awaiting the teams.

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