Golden Trail Championship 2020, Wild Racers Tasmania, Himalaya Energy Ultra Trail, The Road to Independance-The Film and Vendée Globe

Goldentrail Championship 2020 – A Strategic Battle
Here it is, the race of the year – athletes from 32 different countries converged on Faial Island in the Portuguese Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic, to participate in this hair-raising, adrenalin-fuelled, excruciating race week of blood, sweat, and tears that was – the 2020 Golden Trail Championship.  Experience the trail-running event of the year and take a look behind the scenes with four of the world’s best athletes, Jim Walmsley (Team Hoka One One), a long distance specialist, Stian Angermund (Team Salomon), a short distance and vertical race expert, Maude Mathys (Team Salomon), a fast and runnable race specialist, and Tove Alexandersson (Team Icebug), a world orienteering champion, giving an inside feel of this unique stage race, and showing the evolution of their strategies and the mental and physical obstacles they had to overcome.

We start by exploring the phenomenon of Sleep Monsters and discover there are more psychological challenges than physical challenges at this point. From here we re-join the teams on Lake Macintosh as they continue their journey towards the half way point of the adventure. Teams are facing a 20 km kayaking stage followed by 105 km of mountain biking and finshing with a monstrous 65 km trek.

Himalaya Energy Ultra Trail 2020
Welcome to Asia in order to witness the CHANDO Himalaya Energy Ultra Trail Run. The base of Mount Namjagbarwa on the Eastern Himalaya provides the perfect location for this high-altitude ultra-trail run adventure. In this year’s edition, the ‘Dragon-Blood 100K’ race route set off from the town of Lulang which in Tibetan means a place to forget your homesickness. With an average altitude of four thousand meter above sea level, and the highest point at 4780 meters the challenge was epic.

The Road to Independance By Olie Hunter Smart
To discover more of the story of its Independence, Olie Hunter Smart takes on an immense challenge to walk the length of India, a 4,500km journey over seven months seeking out untold stories of Independence and Partition. Olie’s route takes him over gruelling snowy mountain passes high up in the Himalayas, battling intense heat in the northern plains, and being drenched to the bone by monsoon rains as he walks through the rural heartland of the country. Following in Gandhi’s footsteps, Olie immerses himself in the culture, being invited in by so many of the wonderful people he encounters, recording shocking and heartfelt first-hand accounts of India’s struggle for freedom gained 70 years earlier.

Vendée Globe 2020-2021 amazing daily stories 26-30 Dec
Every day we upload a 2 minute daily diary from the boats as they circumnavigate the world totally unassisted, solo and non stop. There is also a new 26 minute video of what happened during the week.
This week most sailors are in the Pacific Ocean between Cape Leuween and Cape Horn.

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