Inside my borders - Sicily, UTWT 2021 Ep.5, Badjelannda Sulitelma Run Fest, Ibiza Marathon and Anne-Marie Madden

Inside my borders 2 – Sicily
Michele, our backpacker friend, is forced to travel inside his Italian borders due to the travel restrictions following the Covid crisis. This time no biking but a long walk across Sicily on the Magna Via Francigena from Palermo to Agrigento, an ancient road already used by the Romans as early as in the 2nd century BC. This is a 187 km walk divided into 9 stages. All along the way, Michele enjoys gorgeous natural scenery, lots of hills and climbs, prehistoric sites, beautiful villages such as the famous Corleone, Prizzi, Sutera and several others. He will also have the pleasure to taste the famous Cannoli and several other gastronomic Sicilian specialties.

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Anne-Marie Madden – The Front Line to Tree Line to Start Line
Covering everything from the front line of current-day anaesthesiology, the discovery of toothed jelly fungus and achieving pure joy and accolades in running. We take a moment to speak with Anne-Marie Madden who has the ability and energy to do it all, with buckets of infectious enthusiasm, like most Canadians. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the real captain on the first voyage of the unforgettable Bus Run Bus and I hope you enjoy getting to know Anne-Marie some more during our great conversation.

UTWT 2021 – Episode 5
3 great races of the Ultra Trail World Tour 2021 in this episode : 100 miles of Istria – Croatia (168km – 6390m D+) across the Istria peninsula, the Ultra Trail Snowdonia – UK (100km – 6700 m D+) in the Snowdonia National Park highlands and the Ultra Trail Harricana – Canada (125km – 4220 m D+) in Quebec.

Adventure Academy – Badjelánnda To Sulitelma – Alexandra Andersson
Adventure Academy student Alexandra hikes 5 days across Padjelanta, Swedish largest national park to reach Sulitelma, the largest glacier in Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle close to the border of Norway. Once arrived at destination she runs in an usupported 50-mile solo race. this long trip and solo challenge happens in some of the most beautiful Swedish natural spaces.

Ibiza Marathon 2021
Runners from all over the world gather on the stunning Spanish island of Ibiza for one of Europe’s leading marathons.

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