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Kite Master Ep.6, Adventure Racing World Series Panama, Ser with Mireia Miro, Ultra Vegans and Courtney Dauwalter

Kite Masters 2022 – Episode 6
Winter is here and it is time to step off the water to enjoy kite action in a different way! Snowkiting is a sustainable sport practiced by people of almost any age, bringing them close to nature and its beauty without leaving a trace. Since this is our last episode of the year, let’s look back on all the unforgettable moments of this season! We experienced some amazing events such as the KiteFoil World Series! As we approach 2024, when kiteboarding will be officially introduced in the Olympic Games schedule, the level of performances is getting better and the number of participants is increasing! 

Adventure Racing World Series 2022 – Panama
Twenty two teams, with racers from 17 nations, lined up on the start line near the town of Volcan in Panama, including the ARWS world #1 team ‘Torpedo Vidaraid’ (Spain), and 4 other top 10 teams from Poland, Ecuador, Brazil and Estonia. An expedition adventure race, in which international teams raced for 6 days, non-stop, over a 516km course, was the perfect way for them to  show what Panama has to offer.

Ser by Mireia Miro
(Ser : Spanish for Being)
Ski mountaineering champion Mireia Miro quickly looks back on her athletic career and explains how she gives life meaning beyond her sporting victories. For her, what defines us is simply Being. To escape the pressure of competition, find a balance and reconnect with nature and the world, each year she goes on a trip. We find her in Tromso in Norway where she practices ski mountaineering just for fun in breathtaking natural spaces at the limit of the sea and the mountains. Friendship, Pleasure, Ski Mountaineering, Adventure and Nature are the ingredients of this film.

Ultra Vegans
For endurance athletes, getting the right diet can make the difference between success and failure. Many are now choosing to adopt a plant based regime and they are witnessing some remarkable results in terms of performance and recovery. Athletes, fitness coaches, sports nutritionists, ultra runners are sharing with us their experience and conviction wether they are motivated by self performance or animal wellfare.

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Courtney Dauwalter – Ultra runner with a love for sunshine, long inseams, and candy
With a record surpassing most athletes in the sport of ultra running, Courtney, has a few super powers, one being her ability to have a great laugh and another being her ability to be humble and simply human.

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