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Kite Masters 2019 Ep.4, Super League Triathlon 2018 Malta Men Equalizer, Ski Scuba Space and Malawi Bike Tour Ep. 2 on HorizonSports this week.

Kite Masters 2019 Episode 4
Welcome to Kite Masters 2019! The series that flies you around the world, together with the very best athletes from one of the most exciting, fast, extreme and stylish sports… Kiteboarding! In this episode we are on the east coast of Fujian Province, Pingtan! The long sandy beaches and good wind conditions are placing Pingtan as a perfect venue for Kiteboarding! Pingtan is already on the calendar of the Kitefoil World Series for some years now and is well known for its strong winds and big waves that make a challenging race-course.

Super League Triathlon – Malta 2018 – Men Equalizer
All the action from the Men’s Equalizer competition from Super League Triathlon Malta. Agility, power and relentless effort are the foundations of an athlete’s success in The Equalizer. This two-stage race begins with an individual time trial, which exposes the athlete strengths and weaknesses in the individual sport. The second stage’s swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run sequence will see the athletes head off at different time intervals determined by their part one finishing position.

Ski Scuba Space
Scientists observe and measure the reactions of the human body in different environments. This is the purpose of the Ski Scuba Space research program. Here we see the research team studiing free divers. From Y-40, the deepest diving pool in the world, to Elba Island, we see them developing technlogies to get real time information both for the research program and for the divers themselves. This research program has also been run in the mountains and in space creating for the first time ever a true trilogy.

Malawi Bike Tour Part 2
Our friend bikepacker and adventurer Michele is on a 4 weeks and 1400 km bike trip through savanna, mountains and forests in Malawi. Fantastic African adventure, gorgeous scenery, great human encounters, wildlife. Part 1 cycling the lake Malawi coastline.

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