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La Fuga Ep.3, Fastpacking the Sunshine Coast Trail, Wild Racers Switzerland, a great film : The high and Derek Yorke

La Fuga – Episode 3
Our two reluctant heroes ride through amazing Ligurian countryside and along seaside bike paths to visit remote villages, taste the local cuisine and have accidental adventures along their comical Ligurian path of discovery.

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Derek Yorke
The winner of the first DekaFit event Derek Yorek joins us this week, he’s given us a great insight into what it’s like racing a functional fitness event. We also chat about his training, Spartan racing, and his sporting history.


Sunshine Coast Trail – Fastpacking 115 km in 3 Days
The Sunshine Coast Trail is Canada’s longest hut-to-hut hiking trail, just 5 hours North of Vancouver, BC. It’s a unique and beautiful backcountry experience that stretches 180km from Sarah Point to Saltery Bay, along coastal shorelines, through old growth forests, and up to panoramic mountaintops. My friend Adam and I planned on fastpacking a large portion of the trail. Our goal was to train and test out our ultralight gear for our upcoming 5-day fastpacking adventure on the Tahoe Rim Trail a few weeks later.

Wild Racers – Episode 22 – Switzerland
What teams are facing is the longest first leg in Wild Racers History amongst the Swiss Alps. If you take into account the vertical gains, our teams face more than two back to back marathons on the first day. After the epic first leg one would think that there is some respite in kayaking. But the 25 km kayaking of leg two was everything but rest.

The High
THE HIGH is a feature length documentary film about the making of the longest high altitude foot race in the world. The film follows the path of a group of extreme runners who individually decide to take part of a dangerous running experiment gone wrong. Indian race director Rajat Chauhan works against the advice of the military, his family and friends to create a race over the two highest passes in the world (above 17 500ft).

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