La Fuga - Episode 1 with the Panpers, Phoenix of the desert, Wild racers South Africa, Tor des Geants and Nicole Mericle

La Fuga – Episode 1
The two jolly novice athletes, known as the Panpers – take us on a funny cycling (aided) journey through some of the most beautiful parts of Liguria to discover local delicacies and amazing spots. In this episode our reluctant athletes –  Panpers –  cycle and discover mountain bike trails through the national park between famous seaside towns of Santa Margherita Ligure, Porto Fino and Rapallo

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Nicole Mericle
We chat with Nicole about her new women’s OCR team, the concept behind the team and why she creating it plus how you can apply. Plus climbing, her build-up to Jacksonville & her 2021 season plans.


Phoenix of the Desert
The Sahara Desert is the birthplace of legendary long distance  runner, Mohamad Ahansal. Despite the almost unbearable heat, Mohamad attempts to run a full marathon distance of forty two kilometres in under four hours . He starts his challenge at mid day when the sun is at it’s zenith and temperatures are relentlessly climbing towards fifty centigrade. He’s hoping that his marathon effort will focus minds on a global problem that is of great concern to him Climate Change.

Tor Des Geants – Among the Giants of the Alps
The 330 km Tor Des Geants is a race in the Italian Alps. The route is an anti-clockwise loop, following the Alta Via 2 trail on the south side of the Aosta Valley for the first half and returning to Courmayeur following the Alta Via 1.
The TOR was my first 200 miles. What follows is a brief overview of my experience, the ups and downs during my journey among the giants of the Alps. (Subtitles in French and Italian)

Wild Racers – Episode 18 – South Africa
The first 24hours of any Adventure Challenge on the World Stage is the toughest, lead teams push hard to open gaps that they feel will be hard to close down over the coming days. As they say when its go time … suffer. South Africa begins to show her true natural wonders as our teams experence some navigational challenges through three trek legs representing a total of 48 km and two kayak legs – 40 km passing through some of the most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries on earth.

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