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L’Eroica, New Zealand 9 Adventure, ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Malta, Shoespiracy documentary and Dakota Jones

L’Eroica draws its inspiration from classical cycling, from black and white images published on newspapers of the early 1900’s to the times of the Bartali and Coppi duel, to more recent times when pedal cages and shifters on the down tube where still the main option on road racing bikes. L’Eroica chose as a convention 1987 as the year to draw the line between classic cycling and modern times. NOVA Eroica combines gravel, gran fondo and Eroica-style rest stops that encourage riders to Race, Ride and Relax!

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Dakota Jones – Trying to leave footprints everywhere, but only footprints.
Dakota has been running trails ever since he found that trail running wasn’t nearly as competitive as road running, and that it might give him a shot at being famous. He still isn’t famous, but it turns out he really likes exploring wild places on foot. Indeed, this unexpected appreciation of nature has resulted in him doing all kinds of complicated things in order to try to save the environment, like taking a cargo ship across the ocean and being a pain in the ass at potlucks by not eating meat. Dakota puts his emotion into action working along side partners such as Protect Our Winters (POW), utilising his ability to run fast on trails to promote sustainability and respect.

New Zealand 9
In a race against time, three adventurers will set a new speed record by completing New Zealand’s nine Great Walks faster than they’ve ever been done before, using human power alone. It’s the ultimate adventure race. They’ll kayak 145 km, ride 80 km and run over 300 km in just nine days.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Malta 2021
This race course has everything you can dream of in an ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series race. It feels remote with lots of transitions and it is stunning. The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series distance starts on the beach and traverses the island to come back along the coast. The swims and the runs can be challenging depending on the weather and winds.You will be where crystal-clear swims dominate, barren trails, small fishing villages with a breath-taking swim to the finish line. Along the way you will find some surprises. This is for sure a swimrunners course with lots of transitions, tricky water entries and exits, big runs, open water swims and no place to rest.

Shoespiracy is shedding light on a ‘shoe-shaped’ public health scandal. This feet-first short documentary, made in collaboration with Fable Films, is set to challenge you to think differently about your shoes, the negative effects your footwear is having on your feet, the way you move and ultimately your health. Shoespiracy, was made with the some of the biggest brains connected to feet and barefoot science today, including professors, doctors, bio-mechanists, movement experts, opinion formers and cobblers.
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