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Marathon Des Sables 2021

The MARATHON DES SABLES is a foot race, open to runners and walkers, with several stages, free style, and with food self-sufficiency over a distance of about 250 Km. Each participant must carry his/herown backpack containing food, sleeping gear and other material. After three postponements, the 35th MARATHON DES SABLES finally started in the southern Moroccan Sahara. It features 672 competitors, whose goal is to make it to the finish line.

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Courtney Dauwalter
With a record surpassing most athletes in the sport of ultra running, Courtney, has a few super powers, one being her ability to have a great laugh and another being her ability to be humble and simply human.

Race to the Rock
The Race to the Rock is an annual unsupported ultra-distance bicycle race through the Australian Outback. Unlike stage races, ultra-distance races start and run continuously until the competitors finish the race, forcing them to make such strategic choices as whether it would be better to take time to eat or sleep, or to sacrifice those things and press on.The course varies every year, but finishes at Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, and has been so gruelling that only a very small percentage of the competitors have ever finished the race. Roads are mostly unsealed, with limited water supplies, and stretches of 400-500 kilometres at times with no food resupply available.

CGI UK Challenge 2021
The stunning Lake District in England is the venue as more than 100 teams take on 3 days of physical and mental challenges, ranging from running and canoeing to anagrams and riddles, testing every core skill of both body and mind. Fitness is essential, but not enough – teams will need patience, strategy, intelligence and teamwork to succeed.

Xterra Adventures 2021 Episode 3 – China
XTERRA races have long been known to be held in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. In a country of 3.7 million square miles with 9,000 miles of coastline, seven mountain peaks over 8,000 meters, more than 2,800 natural lakes, and almost a quarter of the nation’s land mass covered in forest, the natural beauty of China leaves nothing to spare. With all this outdoor space, it’s easy to see why adventure sports are seeing a massive rise in popularity among the Chinese population. XTERRA, with its growing international community, couldn’t wait to join in all the beauty and excitement China and its athletes have to offer.

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