Mont Ventoux-Riding into the storm, Project Run Forever, Trail du Tour des Fiz, Racing Namibia Ep.9 and Lucy Bartholomew

Mont Ventoux – Riding into the storm
On a beautiful day the ride starts up the famous Mont Ventoux – where the Tour de France comes through almost every year – and then towards the top and steeper…..Ventoux unleashes its fury…..

Project Run Forever
Tom sets out on one of the wettest days on record to run 10km loops of his local trail and his only plan was to quite literally, run forever to raise funds for critical environmental groups For Wild Places and Seabin. What went down over 30+ hours was beyond Tom’s wildest imagination.

Trail du Tour des Fiz – Bruno Poulenard

Trail of the Tour des Fiz – Tour of the 8 refuges – 65km/4600mD+. A sublime journey. The panoramas with Mont Blanc in the background, the flowery paths, the very green mountain pastures, the nourished waterfalls, the altitude lakes, the wildlife, marmots, ibexes and so many other visual “attractions”! Bruno and his buddy Jean-Pierre spent a little over 13 hours on this demanding and splendid course.

Racing Namibia – Episode 9
A Week in Etosha National Park – With the Namib Desert race behind him, Jeff now had another week to explore the country before heading home. He visited the great game reserve of Etosha National park, he did some sea kayaking with dolphins and seals. he also gives us his first impressions after the race.

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Lucy Bartholomew – Growing as a professional athlete and human.
Lucy, participated in her first 100km running race at the age of 15. Since then she has progressed her running career to a full time living, along the way learning how to manage the positive and challenging aspects of what the life of an athlete really is.

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