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Super League Triathlon London, Best of UTMB week 2021, Fastpacking the Rockwall Trail, Kite Masters ep.2 and a talk with the founder of Bacx

Super League Triathlon Championship Series – Race #1 London
Super League Triathlon’s blockbuster 2021 Championship Series kicks-off in style as London plays host to the best triathletes in the world and delivers a homecoming party for Olympic heroes. The race follows the spectaculor, intense and fun to watch Triple Mix format whith athletes doing 3 times 300m swim, 4km bike and 1.6km run in different orders.

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Luke & Jack talk to Jason owner & founder of BACX.
BACX is all plant-based performance & endurance fuel, this has been created after Jason’s own endurance adventures lead to him looking to create the best product to keep you energised while your active! We chat about his journey creating the product and who would benefit for using it

Best Of UTMB Week 2021
Watch the very best moments of UTMB Week 2021 with highlights of TDS, OCC, CCC and UTMB races. Everything you need to know about this incredible week including major race facts, rankings and much more.

Fastpacking the Rockwall Trail
The Rockwall Trail located in the Rocky Mountains on British Columbia’s Eastern border in Kootenay National Park is about 56 km long and follows the base of a massive limestone cliff wall for which it’s named. While it’s possible to run the trail in single a day, we decided to fastpack the route over two days in the summer of 2020.

Kite Masters 2021 Episode 2
In this episode we travel to Gizzeria’s Hang Loose Beach, the electrifying, made-to-order venue for Kitesurfing. Every year riders from over the world gather to take part in one of the most thrilling sporting events. Famous for its world class sailing conditions but also renowned for its great facilities, the mouth-watering traditional Calabrian food along with its nightlife, Hang Loose Beach is a fantastic spot, not only for the athletes but also their friends and families.

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