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Norcia Hiking Adventure, UTWT 2021 Ep.7, Xterra Adventures Italy, Cave diving in Jämtland and a talk with Robbie Britton

Norcia Hiking Adventure
Following the steps of the medieval monks across some of the most picturesque countryside of Umbria starting in the ancient town of Norcia and hiking to the abbey of St. Eutizio in a historic and rainy adventure

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Robbie Britton – One of many rambles with Robbie
A true adventurer of his passions and someone who seeks mastery in his interests, Robbie, does not hold back on sharing his learnings and opinions gathered through some incredible experiences and life in general. To name a few of his escapades Robbie & Co. have crossed Iceland, set an FKT on the 650km Jordan Trail, finished his first bike race of 2000km, ran 261km in 24hr earning a World & European bronze medal and team gold, completed the Kom-Emine trail in Bulgaria (finishing with a proposal to his now-wife, Natalie) and obtained an MSc in Performance Coaching.

Xterra Adventures 2021 – Episode 6
Before the XTERRA community descends on Hawaii for the grand finale, athletes in Europe first gather for the first time ever for a full-length, off-road triathlon in Molveno, Italy at the base of the Brenta Dolomites. This year for the 2021 European Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon Championships, XTERRA has partnered with Europe Triathlon to create the best possible race in this location.

UTWT 2021 Episode 7
Last episode of the Ultra Trail World Tour 2021 featuring the Madeira Island Ultra Trail (115km, 7100m D+) and the Thaïland by UTMB (168km, 7400m D+). The episode ends with a summary in pictures of the season giving pride of place to the superb landscapes covered by the ultra trailers.

Cave Diving In Jämtland
The Dolinsjö Cave is a an underwater cave system that was discovered in 1979. Expedition Bjurälven is an annual expedition, exploring the depths of the cave. So far, the expedition has reached 1.7 kilometres into the cave, but no one knows how far it stretches. ((c)klattermusen)

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