Quebec Mega Trail 100, GTWS 2022 Zegama with Killian Jornet, Prepare to Give - The Film, Vendée Arctique and Dylan Bowman

Quebec Mega Trail 100
New for 2021, the 100-mile course has over 6,500 meters of elevation gain, taking runners from the banks of the St. Lawrence River to the summit of Mont Sainte-Anne, through magnificent boreal forests and traversing technical trails. And although Quebec is known for its extreme cold in winter, summer runners can expect heat and humidity. Jeff and Audrée couldn’t pass up the chance to race what would become one of the toughest races in Canada.

Golden Trail World Series 2022 – Zegama
“Zegama is Zegama” The Basque Fever. Only a few lucky runners have the opportunity to run through the Basque Country’s highest peaks and fall under the spectators’ charms who cheer them on at every step. A town with just over 1,500 inhabitants is transformed to become the trail running epicenter for a unique weekend.

Preparing to Give – The Film

Journalist & best-selling author, turned ultra-endurance cyclist, Rupert Guinness embarks on his final training camp (commonly known as “Hell Week”) in preparation for the world’s toughest bike race: Race Across America (RAAM) 2022 with Crew Chief and friend Nathan Roderick Carter. The adventure starts with Revolve24; a 24-hour race in South Australia, before using the 24-hour event fatigue loading to hit the open roads of southern Australia, along the Great Ocean Road, and finishing with a twist at the peak of Falls Creek in the snowy region of Victoria, Australia.
The story is an insight to the training camp showcasing determination, humanity, friendship, vulnerability, isolation on the road and the ‘power of the pedal’ that is connecting people and connecting minds.

Vendée Arctique 2022 – Best of
The weather has played funny tricks on the fleet and the organization of the Vendée Arctique – Les Sables d’Olonne. The round of Iceland, which promised to be both the highlight of the race and a great first – no IMOCA having ever climbed as far as the Arctic Circle during the race – seemed feasible on the day of the start, on June 12, and even in the hours that followed. The weather gradually deteriorated. The depression that was circulating around Iceland grew so thick that it ended up looking like a direct threat to the most fragile IMOCAs. As a result, while the leader Charlie Dalin was approaching the Iceland gate, the organization decided to stop the race at this gate, in order to allow the solo sailors to take shelter for a once the finish line is crossed.

New Podcast !

Dylan Bowman – The thoughtful mind behind the athlete.
Dylan is phenomenal friend and a phenomenal athlete. I have learnt a lot from Dylan and I hope through this conversation you can take some of his guidance and apply it in a positive light in your own world. Not entirely centred around Ultra Running this conversation touches upon topics such as training your emotional fitness, internal and external validation, and what passion vs identity looks like for Dylan. We also cover the importance conversation with others plays in out society and our lives.

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