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Raam Bam Thank you Mam, Wild Racers New Zealand, Why do we bike and Fly the Alps – the films, Vendée Globe and new podcasts

Raam Bam Thank You Mam
Throughout their careers Julie-Anne Hazlett, Sarah Matthews, Nicole Stanners and Natasha Horne have all represented Australia in Triathlon. The Race Across America was to form a very new and real challenge. It would not only challenge them mentally and physically though in ways never before imagined. Teams of 4 traverse 3,000 miles (near 5,000 kilometres) across 12 states and climb over 170,000 vertical feet (almost 52,000 metres). They have a maximum of 9 days and most finish in about 7 1/2 – The Veloroos were aiming to break a 20 year old record and finish in just over 6 days.

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Wild Racers – Episode 11 – New Zealand
Following on from a staggering first day adventure, our teams now widely spread as a result of a blistering pace from the local New Zealand teams, face a formidable challenge. Dropping temperatures, gale force winds and extreme navigation all culminate in a truly epic journey. For those that seek adventure there is reward. For others there is just one option, survival.

Why Do We Bike
Why do so many people, so different in age, background, and profession, want to bike hike so many kilometers far away from home? A road movie across Europe depicting a mosaic of encounters about life, doubts and projects of common people who have chosen the two wheels to search their “path”. An escape from reality or a new way to grow up and live more freely?

Fly The Alps – The Film
Fly the Alps is about a trip of two good old friends Ludo and Nico who set off on an adventure through the Alps. Because they can experience challenges close to home they decided to paraglide from Slovenia to Monaco. To spice up the experience a little they also climb the highest summits of each of the seven countries they fly over. Adventure, team spirit and pushing yourself to the limit are the magic of this documentary.

Vendée Globe 2020-2021 amazing daily stories 18 – 24 Feb
After more than 110 days, the last boats are arriving in Les Sables d’Olonne closing this fantastic Edition of Vendée Globe.

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