Raid Temiscamingue, Crewing and Pacing the Hardrock 100, Freeride World Tour Spain, Power of the Pedal and Jill Wheatley

Raid Temiscamingue
24 enthusiasts, 12 families, 1 winning team. The challenge is real, and they are all ready for blood, sweat and tears. The very first RAID Temiscamingue has arrived in one of the most beautiful areas of Canada. Surrounded by mountains, majestic lakes, rivers and luxurious forest, 12 teams will race against the clock in this wild adventure where they’ll have to upscale their skills in paddling, swimming, hiking and biking. They will have to overcome their fear of ziplines and find their way to the finish line through self-orientation with a map. Who is the most adventurous family in the province of Quebec? This is what it is all about. 

Crewing & Pacing the 2022 Hardrock 100
In July of 2022, Jeff and Audrée drove to Silverton, Colorado to join their friends at the Hardrock 100, a 102 mile race with over 33,000 of elevation gain in a remote region of the San Juan Mountains. Their friends Dana and Ken from Vancouver were running the race, and with their other friends Jackie and Jeff, They’d be supporting them both and helping to crew Ken and to take turns pacing him through the final half of the race.

Freeride World Tour 2023 Rd1 Baqueira Beret Spain

The 2023 Freeride World Tour kicks off in January in its 16th season – as usual with the best freeriders all over the globe! The first stop of the tour takes place in Baqueira Beret who plays again host, following the success of last year’s inaugural event at this epic venue. Consistent snowfall and varied terrain make this world-class resort an ideal test for freeride fanatics.The judging criteria at the Freeride World Tour are: Difficulty of Line, Control, Fluidity, Jumps & Technique.

Power of the pedal
Rupert Guiness embarks on a solo non-stop race across Australia from Darwin to Hobart cycling over 4900 KM in less than 2 weeks, through forest fires against the wind and during COVID under the same conditions as race across America – little sleep and minimum assistance. Helping connecting people and connecting minds.

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Jill Wheatley – Lost sight yet gaining vision as a beacon of inspiration
Jill Wheatly is a mountain of positivity and continuous inspiration. In her own words ‘Every day is an opportunity to celebrate impermanence and the life I nearly lost.’ Please take your time to listen to her story. In the blink of an eye, Jill went from being an active, autonomous athlete to  suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that took 70% of her vision and nearly her life. This has led Jill to become someone who aims to be mindful in every moment and make every second count adventuring in mountains around the world.

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