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Route du Rhum 2022 full Summary, Dark Peak Fell Runners, Moana Wai Wai, Race to the Rock and a talk with Doug Hall and Nicole Walters

Route du Rhum 2022 – Full Summary
Complete summary of the 2022 edition of the Route du Rhum. The famous transatlantic race was, once again, completely epic. 138 sailors competed in the Ultim, Ocean 50, Imoca, Class 40, Rhum Multi and Rhum Mono categories. The ocean has been ruthless with some and generous with others and for all the adventure has been incredible.

Dark Peak Fell Runners
The Dark Peak Fell Runners base themselves in Sheffield, but their playground is the Peak District National Park where they weave tracks through the fields, peat bogs and rocky outcrops to create a tapestry of eccentricity, endeavour and endurance. As one of the biggest pure fell running clubs in the UK, the ‘Dark Peak Fell Runners’ captures the personality, quirks and successes of the club and its members. Shot throughout the course of a year, the film follows in their footsteps to reveal their well-trodden Peak District running routes.

Moana Waiwai – The Film
Moana Waiwai or The Great Ocean in Maori, is about the FreeSwim journey of wahine (woman) Ally Davey as she swims 70km of open ocean around the stunning Coromandel coastline over three days to raise awareness for the protection of New Zealand’s oceans. It does more than encapsulate stunning vistas and highlight the extraordinary New Zealand environment. It inspires people to be aware of the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Race to the Rock
The Race to the Rock is an annual unsupported ultra-distance bicycle race through the Australian Outback organized by Jesse Carlsson. Unlike stage races, such as the Tour De France, ultra-distance races start and run continuously until the competitors finish the race, forcing them to make such strategic choices as whether it would be better to take time to eat or sleep, or to sacrifice those things and press on. Race to the Rock is an unsupported race, which means that racers are not permitted to draft or to obtain help from anything other than publicly available sources that are available for all. The course varies every year, but finishes at Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, and has been so gruelling that only a very small percentage of the competitors have ever finished the race. 

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Doug Hall & Nicole Walters
We are joined by Doug & Nicole to chat about everything off-road triathlon from the elite level, both have raced on the Xterra European circuit and achieved a large amount of success in the sport. Also, we talk about off-road racing in the UK. Alongside being athletes Doug & Nicole are also coaching athletes.

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