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Route du Rhum Episode 2, L’Eroica, Twenty One Twelve, Aussie 8 and Derek Yorke

Route du Rhum 2022 – Episode 2
Second summary of the famous transatlantic race. In this episode, fantastic images show us the race in the Ocean Fifty, Imoca and Class 40 categories. The battle was intense in each of these categories with victory sometimes taking shape in the final minutes.

L’Eroica 2022
L’Eroica draws its inspiration from classical cycling, from black and white images published on newspapers of the early 1900’s to the times of the Bartali and Coppi duel, to more recent times when pedal cages and shifters on the down tube where still the main option on road racing bikes. L’Eroica chose as a convention 1987 as the year to draw the line between classic cycling and modern times. NOVA Eroica combines gravel, gran fondo and Eroica-style rest stops that encourage riders to Race, Ride and Relax! Open to gravel, road and cx bikes, NOVA celebrates the white roads of Tuscany by combining time trial segments with amazing transfer sections for the thrill of racing and an epic group ride experience.

Twenty-one Twelve

Katie Visco challenges herself to complete a first ever bike supported 2,112 mile run across Australia and documents all the fun and grueling moments in a first release of Twenty One Twelve. The epic adventure starts in Darwin and ends in Adelaide, 119 days later……

Aussie 8
Aussie 8 is the adventure of 3 friends who decided to climb the 8 tallest mountains in 8 Australian states in 8 days. To make this possible, they had to put together and respect a very strict timing and logistic organisation.

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Derek Yorke
The winner of the first DekaFit event Derek Yorke joins us this week, he’s given us a great insight into what it’s like racing a functional fitness event. We also chat about his training, Spartan racing, and his sporting history.

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