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Strade Bianche Women 2021 – The Day Before
The day before the first race of the year, Strade Bianche, which takes place in the magnificent hilly Tuscan countryside across gravel and asphalt roads. We are at Pieve a Salti, the pro-cycling team basecamp for exclusive interviews of some great athletes such as Chantal Van Den Broek-Blaak, Anna Van Der Breggen and Elena Cecchini from Team SD Worx and Abby-Mae Parkinson from Team Lotto Soudal.

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Super League Triathlon Arena Games London LIVE
London will play host to the best athletes in the world doing battle in Super League’s unique mix of real life and virtual racing with the London Aquatic Center at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. LIVE 27 March at 3pm (London time)

Lekkarod 2021
LEKKAROD is a long distance stage dog sled race taking place in the French Alps that wants to stay forever on what should be the philosophy of every single dog sled race. Perfect respect of dogs with a 24/24 veterinary survey. Perfect respect of racers (mushers and handlers). And perfect respect of nature.

Wild Racers – Episode 15 – Costa Rica
Heading ever forward and following on from a brutal first day and night of racing our teams emerge from the jungle battered and bruised though in the true spirit of adventure push tirelessly onwards into the abyss. Teams will face an epic 43 km kayaking followed by a monumental 188 km mountain bike ride and a 21 trek.

Bikingman Oman
BikingMan Oman saw athletes cover 900kms of brutal coastal, desert and mountainous terrain in one of the worlds most brutal unsupported ultra-cycling races.

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