Super League Triathlon Rotterdam, Wild Racers Costa Rica, Hiking West Coast Trail, Ser by Mireia Miro and a talk with Jon Fearne

Wild Racers – Costa Rica Adventures
Adventure racing is a very tough and demanding experience which requires individual skills but also a very high sense of team spirit. This special episode features a compilation of individual reactions and some good examples of how team spirit allows competitors to go all the way.

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Jon Fearne
Jon Fearne is an endurance & adventure coach with over 20 years of experience who works with athletes who are going to extreme locations, polar trekking, ocean crossing and mountain climbing! We chat about how Jon himself got into the sport and then found his love for coaching alongside taking on some crazy projects himself.


Super League Triathlon Arena Games Rotterdam
After London, Rotterdam played host to the best athletes in the world doing battle in Super League’s unique mix of real life and virtual racing with the Rotterdam Swemcentrum playing host.

Hiking the West Coast Trail – BC’s Most Iconic Backpacking Trail
The West Coast Trail is a 75 km point-to-point hiking trail along a remote stretch of the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island. Originally created in 1907 to help rescue shipwrecked survivors along the coast, it’s become one of BC’s most popular long-distance trails, attracting nearly 7,000 visitors each year from all over the world.

Ser by Mireia Miro
(Ser : Spanish for Being)
Ski mountaineering champion Mireia Miro quickly looks back on her athletic career and explains how she gives life meaning beyond her sporting victories. For her, what defines us is simply Being. To escape the pressure of competition, find a balance and reconnect with nature and the world, each year she goes on a trip. We find her in Tromso in Norway where she practices ski mountaineering just for fun in breathtaking natural spaces at the limit of the sea and the mountains. Friendship, Pleasure, Ski Mountaineering, Adventure and Nature are the ingredients of this film.

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