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Trans Atlas Marathon, Inside my Borders part 3, XTERRA Adventures 2020 Top Plays and Sam Anthamatten

Trans Atlas Marathon (TAM)
The Trans Atlas Marathon is a 250km stage race across the mythical Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The TAM ultramarathon is organised by legendary Moroccan runner, Mohamad Ahansal. Over six days, all racers climb over 14000 meters. The race requires food semi-self-sufficiency. Each competitor must carry his/her daily equipment, food and water. TAM is an endurance adventure across desert mountains, wild national parks and landscapes of incomparable beauty.

Inside My Borders – Part 3
Michele, our backpacker friend, continues his trip inside his Italian borders during the Covid crisis. He takes us on a wonderful biking tour from the Ionic Coast of Basilicata to the center of the region to discover the fantastic Calanchi. These famous geological formations make you feel you are on another planet. We also visit the village of Craco which was abandonned in the 60’s after a landslide and the beautiful area of Dolomiti of Lucania.

Xterra Adventures 2020 Episode 5 – Top Plays
XTERRA’s gnarliest crashes, most distinctive courses, closest finishes, and best rivalries are on display in an action-packed flashback to the sports’ all-time “Top Plays.” It has often been said in XTERRA the race isn’t so much you vs. other racers, but you vs. Mother Nature, and in this show we witness one example after another of how sometimes – nature wins. XTERRA, of course, is about more than just wicked crashes and epic rivalries. It’s also known for its unique, and uniquely challenging, race features. Discover it all on episode five of XTERRA Adventures.

The First Second – Sam Anthamatten
A specialist in high mountains, Sam is a committed top freerider and Zermatt guide. He mixes his passion for skiing down impossible drops with being a guide concerned about mountain safety. As he chooses each line down the mountain, he endures an internal struggle between security and risk-taking …..

And don’t Forget !

Vendée Globe 2020-2021 amazing daily stories 3-8 Dec
Every day we upload a 2 minute daily diary from the boats as they circumnavigate the world totally unassisted, solo and non stop. This week, Kevin who was rescued by Jean le Cam is taken off the boat by the French navy. Clarisse continues her journey – always in good spirits. The Italian Pedote is cooking pasta and the husband and wife racers – Sam Davies and Romain – each share their daily stories as Sam shows us her boat’s damage as she heads to Cape town and out of the race ………
(Photo (c) Clarisse Cremer / Banque Populaire X)

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