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UTWT 2020 Ep.4, Inside my Borders Part 2, Dave Goes West – The Film and Super League Triathlon Malta Men Final

UTWT 2020  Episode 4 – Ultra Trail Harricana & Javelina Jundred
Fourth episode of our series dedicated to the 2020 season of the Ultra Trail World tour.  The first race is the scenic Ultra Trail Harricana (122 km – 4220m D +) in the Charlevoix reserve 100 km northeast of Quebec, Canada. We then run the Javelina Jundred (160 km – 2400m D +) in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona – USA. To round everything off, we have a summary of the extraordinary UTWT 2020 season.

Inside My Borders – Part 2
Michele, our backpacker friend, continues his trip inside his Italian borders during the Covid crisis. After the Abruzzi region, he takes us on a wonderful biking tour of the Basilicata region and of the Pollino National Park. He is always joyful as he pedals up some difficult climbs to discover unknown places amid incredible landscapes. He tops it off with an amazing Golden Eagle show.

Dave Goes West
Dave Goes West is an experimental adventure / comedy documentary about a man from Derbyshire running 10 marathons in 10 days despite his own physical limitations and lack of proper training. The story of this film began one day in the pub. The film’s Director, Joe O’Connor, asked his old friend Dave if he thought he could run 10 marathons in 10 days. Dave thought about for about three seconds before replying ‘Let’s do this!’

Super League Triathlon – Malta 2019 – Men Final
Super League Triathlon is the champions league of Triathlon with only the best athletes participating. The second stage of the 2019-2020 season takes place in Malta. For the final of the stage in Malta, athletes will have to face a very demanding format : the Equalizer, made up of two stages separated by a 10 minute break. Stage 1 is an individual 4 km time trial on bike, for Stage 2, athletes will have to swim 300 m, bike 4km and run 1.6 km … Twice !

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