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Tenerife Blue Trail, The Outdoor Sports Show Ep.6, Revolve 24, E-Bike Festival Tignes – Val d’Isère and Clare Gallagher

Tenerife Blue Trail 2021
This 97km race climbs from the Atlantic coast to the summit of Teide, the highest mountain in Spain and the third highest volcano in the world. Starting at midnight and with just 23 hours to complete this epic journey, competitors must climb a total of 5000 m and cross the beautiful but treacherous volcanic landscape of Tenerife. From sea to summit, then back to the sea for the finish, for most it is the dream of a life time to complete a course like this, while for the professional runners it is a massive test of endurance, tactics and mental strength.

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Clare Gallagher – Global Sports Activist and Earth Raging ultra runner.
Clare is above all clear on her mission. As Patagonia Global Sports Activist, she devoted to advocating for the protection of public lands and climate change policy. Adding to this incredible objective which we couldn’t be more greatful or supportive of, Clare, is one of Ultra Runnings most accomplished and passionate athletes. A true Earth Raging professional.

The Outdoor Sports Show 2021 Episode 6
First stop : China for the XTERRA Taihu Trail which was part of a whole green weekend. Next we travel to Italy for the Ski Mountaineering World Cup Marmotta Trophy. Next, staying in the mountains, we follow HIGHLANDER – Adventure of a Lifetime. Snow-kiting is a relatively new winter sport, which has spread rapidly around the world, and we take a look at its new-found popularity. From skiing we turn to mountain biking for the one and only La Leyenda Del Dorado in Colombia. Finally, changing terrain and sport we explore one of the most dynamic sports, SAMBO, a universal combat sport and martial art.

Revolve24 – The Beginnings
Australia’s premiere 24hour circuit cycle race where riders from all over the world decent on Adelaide in South Australia for 24 hours of endurance at one of the countries newest motor racing circuits. The catch … they are on bicycles.

E-Bike Festival Tignes – Val D’isère 2021
E-Bike Festival Tignes-Val d’Isère is part of the E-Bike World Tour with a second event to follow in 2021: The Verbier E-Bike Festival Verbier with its flagship event E-Tour du Mont-Blanc (E-TMB). Teams of two professional riders will compete in a 3-days-stage race in Switzerland, Italy and France all around the iconic Mont-Blanc.

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