The Abbots Way Italy, Kite Masters 2021 Ep.6, Fat Pursuit, Goldentrail Championship and Jill Wheatley

The Abbots Way
Michele, our backpacker friend, is again forced to travel inside his Italian borders during the Covid crisis. In this episode, he takes us on a wonderful walking tour on the Abbots Way, a 130 km walk from Bobbio in the Piacenza area to Pontremoli in Tuscany. With him we discover beautiful landscapes, historical cities and learn about the history of the Abbots Way.

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Jill Wheatley – Lost sight yet gaining vision as a beacon of inspiration
Jill Wheatly is a mountain of positivity and continuous inspiration. In her own words ‘Every day is an opportunity to celebrate impermanence and the life I nearly lost.’ Please take your time to listen to her story. In the blink of an eye, Jill went from being an active, autonomous athlete to  suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that took 70% of her vision and nearly her life. This has led Jill to become someone who aims to be mindful in every moment and make every second count adventuring in mountains around the world.

Kite Masters 2021 – Episode 6
Welcome to the last episode of Kite Masters for 2021. What a year this was for the kiteboarding world! 2021 proved to be full of action for this hair-rising sport and there could be no better way to wave goodbye to this year than following the cream of the crop events: in this episode, we ‘ll see who were crowned Formula Kite World Champions and who finished the Kite Foil World Series celebrating !

Goldentrail Championship 2020 – A Strategic Battle
Athletes from 32 different countries converged on Faial Island in the Portuguese Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic, to participate in this hair-raising, adrenalin-fuelled, excruciating race week of blood, sweat, and tears that was – the 2020 Golden Trail Championship. Take a look behind the scenes with four of the world’s best athletes, Jim Walmsley (Team Hoka One One), a long distance specialist, Stian Angermund (Team Salomon), a short distance and vertical race expert, Maude Mathys (Team Salomon), a fast and runnable race specialist, and Tove Alexandersson (Team Icebug), a world orienteering champion.

Fat Pursuit
Turning your pedals just a stones throw away from Yellowstone National Park, you will be riding in tall lodge pole conifers, the historic Yellowstone fire burns and along the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. The Fat Pursuit provides a fantastic excuse to not only achieve an outstanding accomplishment but venture into Yellowstone National Park during the quietest time of the year, and make some turns in the Tetons. You have the choice between 60 kms, 200 kms and 200 miles.

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