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The Gongga Trail, Wild Racers Tasmania Ep4, Xterra Adventures 2020 Ep6 and The High on HorizonSports.

The Gongga Trail
The magnificent Gongga Trail is China’s most popular overnight hike. The unique journey around the “King of the Sichuan Mountains” includes iconic sights along a high-altitude, 43-mile path. Joined by four Chinese explorers, film director Ben Clark, shares an experience few outside China know about, reveling in rare alpine beauty and ancient culture along the slopes of 24,790-foot Mount Gongga.

For the teams this race has become an exercise in survival as they complete the marathon breaking trek and face more punishment. Tensions are stretched and the body and mind now reach new levels. This is an adventure of epic proportions with still a long way to go and Tasmania’s wilderness is not finished with them yet. Teams will have two face 4 brutal legs : 150km mountain biking, 87km kayaking and hiking, another 70km mountain biking and a final 25km trek. Wild Racers will be back in Ecuador for Round 2 of this epic adventure.

Xterra Adventures 2020 Episode 6 – The Culture
XTERRA is a Hawaiian-born sport, and the feeling of Aloha has permeated it from the very beginning. In this, the final episode of the 2020 XTERRA Adventures television series, we discover the camaraderie and community spirit of XTERRA and learn how it became much more than just a race. Since its creation XTERRA has embodied the spirit of the land of its origin, and XTERRA competitors are, by nature, seeking to honor the natural world through sport. Throughout its history, XTERRA has been defined by its people. XTERRA racers are superb athletes, but unlike in other sports where the best-of-the-best are often standoffish and self-centered, these athletes are genuine and friendly.

The High
THE HIGH is a feature length documentary film about the making of the longest high altitude foot race in the world. The film follows the path of a group of extreme runners who individually decide to take part of a dangerous running experiment gone wrong. Indian race director Rajat Chauhan works against the advice of the military, his family and friends to create a race over the two highest passes in the world (above 17 500ft). THE HIGH shows the rewards of determination, the dangers of obsession, and in the end leaves you with the answer of why they called it, the toughest race on earth. Directed by Barry Walton.

Vendée Globe 2020-2021 amazing daily stories 1 – 6 Jan
Every day we upload a 2 minute daily diary from the boats as they circumnavigate the world totally unassisted, solo and non stop. There is also a new 26 minute video of what happened during the week.
This week the first group of sailors led by Yannick Bestaven passed Cape Horn and entered the Atlantic Ocean. The others experienced severe south conditions in the Pacific Ocean.

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