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The Porter – The Film
A young privileged American attempts to make history at Everest by becoming one of the first ever foreign-born Porters to aid a Mt. Everest expedition. But in doing so, experiences a world far above his head. This is an inside look at the darker side of Everest. At the strength, pride and pain of those who support it. And at just how hard it is for a naive foreigner to attempt the same. This is the Porter.

New : Fantastic Podcasts !

Great stories directly from top endurance athtetes  – OCR champions, Ultra runners, adventurers and lots more….

Wild Racers – Episode 8 – Ecuador
The teams face an ever changing ecosystem as they head down from the dizzying heights into the more tropical landscape that this regions is renowned for. The finish is in sight though all that seems to be on the minds of the leaders is pushing ahead to keep the gaps on the chasers. It is a true exploration in the mind, body and soul of each team. 6 km of trek, 140 km of mountain biking and 17 km of Kayaking are awaiting the teams for an extremely challenging stage. Next Stop on the adventure highway is Queenstown, New Zealand …

La Grande Odyssée 2021
La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc is since it’s first edition in January 2005, the annual event of the dog sled race in Europe. It is the most demanding stage race in a unique alpine setting in the world. Each year it brings together more than 60 mushers and their 600 dogs, from all over Europe, in the stunning landscapes of Savoie Mont Blanc. It is more than 50 000 spectators who live every year a unique experience, in 20 stations decorated for the occasion, by attending La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc.

Women’s Ways – Voies féminines
‘Women’s Ways’ is a documentary that explores the world of the mountain through the strength of women. There are three main subjects: Marion Poitevin, Liv Sansoz and Martina Cufar-Potard. Through interviews we discover what they share and also what separates them in their paths through life, but above all we discover the strength of woman in all its potential. Alpinist Prize – FIFMA 2017. Film Prize – Marocco Adventure Film Festival 2017. Official Selections 2017: Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, Bansko Mountain Film Fest, BOFF, Torello Mountain Film Festival & Kendal Mountain Festival.

Vendée Globe 2020-2021 amazing daily stories 27 Jan – 3 Feb
12 sailors have arrived in a crazy finish. Charles Dalin crossing the line first, Yannick Bestaven final winner, Jean Le Cam “King Jean”, Clarisse Crémer first women.

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