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The Road Ahead, Wild Racers Ecuador, Moana Waiwai, the never melting story and the last days of Vendée Globe.

The Road Ahead
Fredrik Erixon, a passionate adventurer crosses Sweden on roller skis from the north in Karesuando in Lappland, to Smygehuk in Skane in the south – a solo journey of about 2000 km over thirty days – representing one Vasaloppet a day (most famous cross country ski race). He rolls across the Arctic Polar Circle, meets interesting people and examines his own motivation in challenging himself and pushing his comfort zone.

Wild Racers – Episode 6 – Ecuador
The first 24hours of any Adventure Challenge on the World Stage is the most brutal, lead teams work hard to open a lead that they feel will be hard to close down over the coming days. As they say when its go time … suffer. After hours of suffering on the Mountain Bikes, teams face a brutal trek through the fabled Iliniza Mountains reaching an altitude od 5000 m where oxygen levels are under half of those at sea level. We see some of the lead teams struggling under the strain. After finally emerging from the mist of the mountains, the technical rope and canyon section makes the athletes wet and even colder as they push towards the end of this brutal day.

Moana Waiwai – The Film
Moana Waiwai or The Great Ocean in Maori, is about the FreeSwim journey of wahine (woman) Ally Davey as she swims 70km of open ocean around the stunning Coromandel coastline over three days to raise awareness for the protection of New Zealand’s oceans. It does more than encapsulate stunning vistas and highlight the extraordinary New Zealand environment. It inspires people to be aware of the natural beauty that surrounds them.

The Never Melting Story – The Film
They had never met before, but they shared the exact same dream. So the two young Frenchmen Guillaume and Manu left together for an island far from home, covered in snow, ice and white isolation: Baffin Island in Canada’s Arctic. This film is a quest of absolute freedom, and wants to encourage other people to dream big and not to be afraid of pursuing those dreams. About the expedition: Guillaume Bertocchi and Manu d’Adhemar went in April 2015 in Baffin Island, for a ski crossing expedition in full autonomy. Starting from Qikiqtarjuaq, they reached Pangnirtung after 24 days, going along Coronation glacier, and going through the Penny Ice Cap. On their way they met the famous Mount Asgard, Mount Thor, and many granite giants.

Vendée Globe 2020-2021 amazing daily stories 14 – 20 Jan
One of the closest races in Vendee Globe history is coming to an end. The top five (Charlie, Boris,Thomas,Louis, Damien) are in the final sprint with the finish expected around the 27th of January. Sébastien Destremau on Merci had to abandon because of major technical problems. Clarisse Cremer is the first of the women and is in 12th place. It is amazing to be able to experience the race on board every day!

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