The Swimsmith, The Outdoor Sports Show Episode 2, La Leyenda, Wonderland Trail and Dylan Bowman

The Swimsmith
Join Roderick Smith aka ‘Shrek’ who is going for what no one has done before :Triple Crown of Swimming and Ultra Man races. A regular guy with the focus of a superhero, Shrek aims to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming :
Manhattan Island, NewYork – 45kms / Catalina Channel – 33kms / English Channel – 33kms.
This documentary is the first part of his journey … next challenge is the English Channel and the second attempt at Catalina. Once complete Shrek will be the only human to have completed the Triple Crown and done two Ultra Man races.

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Dylan Bowman – The thoughtful mind behind the athlete.
Dylan is phenomenal friend and a phenomenal athlete. I have learnt a lot from Dylan and I hope through this conversation you can take some of his guidance and apply it in a positive light in your own world. Not entirely centred around Ultra Running this conversation touches upon topics such as training your emotional fitness, internal and external validation, and what passion vs identity looks like for Dylan.

The Outdoor Sports Show 2021 Episode 2
In this episode we focus on XTERRA, where its athletes race through some of the most spectacular locations our planet has to offer. We then move to the Highlander which isn’t just a race; it’s a way of connecting with nature. Then Ethiopia.for one of the world’s most famous marathon races, and one of the biggest running events in Africa, the TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run 10Km. Then moving to Qatar for the Ride of Champions. Finally, we move to the Alps for one of the most established events in the world, the Haute Route Alps.

La Leyenda 2019
La Leyenda del Dorado  features 250 professional and amateur mountain bikers from 24 countries in the fourth edition of South America’s most prestigious MTB Stage Race. Covering a stunning 462km route with almost 14,000m of vertical ascent, here’s the best of the action, emotion and amazing landscapes of an incredible week of mountain bike racing in Colombia!

Wonderland Trail
The Wonderland Trail is a 150 km route that circumnavigates Mt. Rainier, with over 7,230 metres of elevation gain. It’s normally done as a 10 day hike, but many will run it over 3 days with support from crew. My friend Adam and I ran it unsupported, carrying our own food, cooking and lightweight camping gear, with a goal of finishing it in under 40 hours.

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