Tour de France femmes with Team Valcar, Racing Namibia Ep6, Nightmare Climbs Stelvio, L'Echappée Belle and Anne-Marie Madden

Tour de France Femmes with Team Valcar
Exclusive with unpublished images from inside the Tour De France Femmes with the Valcar Travel & Service team. We do the whole race with team manager D.S. Davide Arzeni and his team and especially with the splendid Silvia Persico who finished the Tour in fifth position.

Racing Namibia – Episode 6
Crossing Darob National Park. Participants are now on Stage 4 of the Namib Desert Race, part of the Racing the Planet 4 Desert Series. They are running 250 km over 7 days across the desert in Namibia, while carrying all of their own food, sleeping equipment, and supplies for the week on their backs.

Nightmare Climbs – Stelvio

Our cyclist friend Patrick Martini, accompanied by amateur cyclist Emiliano, climbs a new infernal climb: this time, the legendary Passo Dello Stelvio. 25km, 1851m D+ and 48 hairpin turns … a nightmare climb not for beginners !

L’Echappée Belle 2022
L’Echappée Belle, a trail like no other, is a complete crossing of the Belledonne range from Vizille (Isère) to Aiguebelle (Savoie). This magnificent route of 144 km and 11,100 m D+ will take you from 250 m to 2,950 m in altitude by making you cross all the alpine levels from refuge to refuge. Seven episodes giving a unique view on this unique race and all other races of this great Trail Running event.

New Podcast !

 Anne-Marie Madden – The Front Line to Tree Line to Start Line.
Covering everything from the front line of current-day anaesthesiology, the discovery of toothed jelly fungus and achieving pure joy and accolades in running. We take a moment to speak with Anne-Marie Madden who has the ability and energy to do it all, with buckets of infectious enthusiasm, like most Canadians. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the real captain on the first voyage of the unforgettable Bus Run Bus and I hope you enjoy getting to know Anne-Marie some more during our great conversation.

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