Twenty-one twelve - the Film, La Fuga #2, Birna the woman who swims in ice, Wild Racers South Africa and Ryan Kempson.

Twenty-one Twelve
Katie Visco challenges herself to complete a first ever bike supported 2,112 mile run across Australia and documents all the fun and grueling moments in a first release of Twenty One Twelve. The epic adventure starts in Darwin and ends in Adelaide, 119 days later……

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Ryan Kempson
Ryan joins us on the show this week fresh of winning back to back to back Savage Race events! We chat about his wins in Florida and Georgia, what style of Obstacle Course a Savage Race is plus how athletes can help promote the sport.


La Fuga – Episode 2
Our two reluctant heroes pedal on the cycle paths along the sea in search of good fish in the towns of Riva Ligure and Ospedalletti along the magnificent Ligurian coast where they also enter a time machine and find themselves in the Middle Ages ….. you can’t miss all their silly adventures…

Wild Racers – Episode 20 – South Africa
For some the race has now become extremely tough. Finding ones limits is in itself a journey, so once put up against the challenges of racing under such conditions it is truly a real life drama. With then end in sight teams are now forced to endure some of the longest legs so far : 128 km mountain biking, 15 km kayaking, 63 km trekking and a final 13 km mountain biking.

Birna. The Woman Who Swims In Ice
Icelandic ice swimmer Birna Hrönn swims in freezing lakes and seas of Iceland and swimming – without the use of a wetsuit – distances that would seem impossible. We follow Birna as she explores new places to swim and recounts her life, her love of the outdoors and her devotion to the sport of ice swimming. With comments by Ram Barkai, Chairman of the International Ice Swimming Association, on the effects of cold water immersion on the human body, the film shows that nothing is impossible.

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