Ultra Vegans The Film, UTMB 2021 running & being, Super League Triathlon Jersey, Swiss Epic and a nice podcast about Tough Mudder

Ultra Vegans
For endurance athletes, getting the right diet can make the difference between success and failure. Many are now choosing to adopt a plant based regime and they are witnessing some remarkable results in terms of performance and recovery. Athletes, fitness coaches, sports nutritionists, ultra runners are sharing with us their experience and conviction wether they are motivated by self performance or animal wellfare.

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ETM Recap
Luke and Jack look back on last weekends ETM exploits. Massive shout out to Bacx nutrition for keeping us going.

UTMB Week 2021 – Running And Being
The UTMB week brings together thousands of enthusiasts who come to participate in one of the races of the world’s largest trail running event. Beyond the elites, it is often ordinary people who have come to experience extraordinary stories with family or friends. Passion, sharing, pleasure and surpassing oneself are at the heart of this documentary.

Super League Triathlon Championship Series – Race #3 Jersey
Super League Triathlon is heading to Jersey for the fourth time as the spiritual home of the Championship Series welcomes back the best athletes in the sport. Jersey is a firm favourite on the Super League calendar, with many of the athletes describing it as their favourite race location in the world. The format of the race is the Enduro which is considered the most brutal format of all. Requiring endurance and tactics, the Enduro is a non-stop burst of nine back-to-back triathlon disciplines without any breaks. The easiest way to think about it is swim-bike-run repeated continuously three times in a row.

Swiss Epic 2021
the Swiss Epic is one of the MTB Epic Series’ flagship Legend events. The five-day stage race takes in 327 kilometres on its route from St. Moritz to La Prese, in Valposchiavo, before concluding in Davos. Teams familiar with racing in Graubünden will be aware of the volume of climbing the canton delivers, and the 2021 edition is no different in that regard. A demanding 11 000 metres of climbing separate the start, in St. Moritz, from the final finish line, in Davos. Remarkably, though, the accumulated metres of descent outnumber the ascent. A total of 12 700 metres of downhill forest roads, flow trails and natural singletracks await the 400 teams who will be taking on the challenge of the 2021 Swiss Epic in Graubünden.

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