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UTMB For The Planet, Pédaler & Découvrir Classicissima ep2, Super League Triathlon Jersey and hiking to San Fruttuosa Abbey on HorizonSports this week

UTWT 2020 Ep.3 – UTMB For The Planet 
UTMB® for the Planet, the digital and unifying initiative launched after the cancellation of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc, provided the global community of trail runners with an innovative way to interact remotely and to take on new challenges in the absence of an event. The initiative, which was supported by WWF France, has seen 17,385 runners in 106 countries participating in one of the 4 Virtual Races and a dozen Partner Challenges. During this initiative, Pau Cappell tried to run the 170 km of the actual UTMB in less than 20 hours.

Pédaler & Découvrir Classicissima Part 2
Cycling pros Niccolò Bonifazio and Christophe Le Mével team up with comedian Andrea Carretti,  to retrace the excitement of the last part of the famous Milan Sanremo race.They pedal from San Lorenzo al Mare going up towards Costarainera, Cipressa and the legendary Poggio to then arrive in Sanremo without forgetting the “Museum” tunnel of the Ospedaletti. A delightful mixture of emotions, fatigue, food, beauty and laughter.

Super League Triathlon – Jersey 2019 –
Women Semi Finals

All the action from all rounds of the women’s semi finals from Super League Triathlon Jersey. Super League is the champions league of Triathlon gathering all the best athletes. The Jersey venue is the first stage of the 2019-2020 season. For these semi finals, female athletes will have to swim 300 m, bike 4km and run 1.6 km … Twice !

Hike to San Fruttuoso Abbey
Amazing hike from the seaside town of Camogli to the mysterious San Fruttuoso abbey along dangerous cliff paths through WWII fortifications with magnificent views. During the climb we assist an alpine team helicopter rescue and later dive into the waters by the abbey.  The adventure ends with a delightful boat ride to Portofino.

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