UTWT 2020 Episode 2, Dolomiti Endless Fun, Super League Triathlon Mallorca 2018 and Kite Masters 2019 Episode 6 on HorizonSports this week.

UTWT 2020 Episode 2 
Transgrancanaria & RZD Golden Ring Ultra Trail 100

Second Episode of our series dedicated to the 2020 Edition of the Ultra Trail World Tour. We follow the Transgrancanaria (128 km / 7500mD+) crossing the gorgeous volcanic island from North to South and the Golden Ring Ultra Trail (108 km / 1000mD+) in the beautiful Russian region of Suzdal where massive precautions had to be taken because of the Covid crisis.

Dolomiti Endless Fun
The Dolomites are the world’s biggest ski area. Discover some of the most loved and captivating ski slopes in the Dolomites where stages of the Downhill World Cup regularly take place. Admire slopes such as Olympia della Tofane, the Holzrise in Sesto, Erta, Foppe … .

Super League Triathlon – Mallorca 2018 – Men Triple Mix
All the action from the Men’s Triple Mix competition from Super League Triathlon Mallorca. The Triple Mix format tests the versatility and adaptability of athletes by challenging them to complete three stages of all three disciplines with a maximum ten-minute break between stages.

Kite Masters 2019 Episode 6
Welcome to Kite Masters 2019! The last stop takes place on the magnificent island of Sardinia, and the city of Cagliari. This is the third successive year that the Sardinian capital of Cagliari has hosted the series, where intense battles in the cutting-edge kiteboarding discipline will again be fought out. But the 2019 edition’s climactic finale over the five-day Sardinia Kiteboard Grand Slam, is set to be one of the hardest-fought, after kiteboarding won inclusion into the line-up for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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