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Wild Racers Tasmania Ep1, Inner city to Mountains, Kite masters 2020 Ep5 and Vivian Bruchez

The first of 24 incredible episodes, that takes viewers on a journey into the ultimate feat of endurance within the Adventure Racing World Series. Episode one lands us on the shores of Burnie, Tasmania where we meet the teams, explore the host city and reveal the epic course that lies ahead. Teams have very little time to prepare and plan – they are on their own for 17 km of ocean Kayaking, 20 km of trekking and 20 km of mountain biking in the wilds of Down Under…….

La Montagne prend ses Quartiers – Inner City to Mountains
The non-profit “en passant par la montagne” (passing by the mountains) was created 25 years ago to help people in fragile, difficult personal situations to improve their morale and outlook on life through a mountain experience. The project “La Montagne prend ses Quartiers” (inner city to mountains) helps young inner city kids, between the ages of 8 and 18 to learn about team work, self confidence, respect of nature, orienteering, climbing, mountaineering and more.

Kite Masters 2020 – Episode 5
During the 2020 Formula Kite Mixed Relay European Championships, the UK’s Connor Bainbridge and the Polish team were amazing. Connor managed to defend his European title and the Polish team had two out of their six teams qualifying for the gold fleet. We then focus on the best locations for Kiting and why riders love these locations. To Top it all off, four-time world champion, Daniela Moroz, shares some secret golden Kiteboarding tips.

The First Second – Vivian Bruchez
Vivian Bruchez – a top Free ski champion from Chamonix tells us about how he sees the mountains – his vertical search. He studies the photos, maps and terrain before climbing peaks in order to make successful impossible descents on skis…….and then he studies what happened to constantly improve.

And don’t forget !

Vendée Globe 2020-2021 amazing daily stories 10-15 Dec
Every day we upload a 2 minute daily diary from the boats as they circumnavigate the world totally unassisted, solo and non stop. There is also a new 26 minute video of what happened during the week.
This week our women and men enter the perilous southern seas, passing Cape Leuwin, south of Australia. The sea alternates between moments of calm and tempests. Life on the boats is surprisingly joyous as the journey continues towards the biting cold……

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