Women and Men endurance

Women and men endurance seem to be becoming similar. It has been noted that over long distances, over a couple of days of continuos physical activity and competition, the time results of women and men are begining to narrow significantly. There seems to be some physical reasons for this.  Suddenly, there are female record holders for the two best-known trails in America.

In 2014, Karl Meltzer, a highly accomplished ultradistance runner, tried and failed to set the Appalachian Trail record — for a second time. Meltzer had a compelling running résumé, but his best finish on the Appalachian Trail was a full five days behind the record. Then, on May 27, 2015, Jurek, the most decorated ultrarunner in the United States, set out to tackle the feat and barely beat the feat a women by three hours.

 The article does a good job of describing the completion time differences of a women racing across the Appalachian trail.

Long distance endurance times becoming similar between men and women