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HORIZONSPORTS Reality Show with Adventure Academy Sweden

HORIZONSPORTS, the world’s first Nature Sports & Lifestyle TV and video platform is partnering with Adventure Academy Sweden to edit and create an eight part reality show that will be broadcast on HORIZONSPORTS.TV and than distributed on different platforms across the world.

HORIZONSPORTS and Adventure Academy will select 2 female and 2 male students and follow them through the twelve months adventure training course. The course includes Alpinism (mountain training), Hypothermia (cold weather training), Nordic winter, Long Distance Cycling, Navigation, Kayak, Hellweek and their own Adventure during 2 weeks in the wilds of Scandinavia and Europe.  HORIZONSPORTS will edit and create the final production working together with Adventure Academy to reflect the stress, inspiration and experience of the four Adventure Academy candidates. Laurence Fox Hopper, the CEO and co-founder of HORIZONSPORTS, said “We have an award winning production team and we are delighted to team up with Adventure Academy to create real adventure stories for enthusiasts ”.

“For me this partnership is a great step in our vision to inspire more people to get out and do there dream adventure, big or small”. Says Fredrik Erixon, founder of the Adventure Academy. “This is our 7:th year in Sweden, we are now a big force in creating and inspiring adventure activities in Sweden and the Nordic countries, and we are soon starting Adventure Academies in more countries across Europe”.

HORIZONSPORTS is partnering with top athletes, specialised video production companies, the outdoor industry and sports events around the world in order to offer the most comprehensive sports and lifestyle programming.



HORIZONSPORTS has entertaining stories covering all kinds of terrains and climates, focusing on trail running, trekking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, triathlons, mountaineering, camping, skiing, snowboarding, stand-up paddling, kayaking, … and much more. Sports Programmes include UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc), Ötillö Swimrun, Marathon des Sables, the Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race and other competitions. Lifestyle programmes, including Walks around Britain, Rock the Parks, a series about hiking in American parks, and a fantastic kayaking adventure paddling around Iceland, are just some of the hundreds of premium sports and lifestyle contents available to subscribers. HORIZONSPORTS is also available on Watch It! in France and Germany as well as directly to the consumer with horizonsports.TV (SVOD) platform with on-demand, live sports and TV streaming.


About Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is a unique adventure education. The idea is to give the participants the right conditions and knowledge in outdoor life to dare to take the step and carry out their own adventures – as well as inspire others to do the same. The education is led by some of the most experienced adventurers in the country.



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