HORIZONSPORTS, the world’s first Nature Sports & Wellness TV and video platform is broadcasting Acid Masters, the first indoor endurance competition where men and women compete equally.

Acid endurance fitness is an innovative race based on the astonishing results of a rigorous Scandinavian ski-team training format which combines intense interval training and endurance racing.  The top athletes are usually well-rounded endurance athletes who stay in shape indoors during the Scandinavian winter.

This is the only modern competition where men and women race in the same heat, competing on the same level, and their data results are instantly recorded and displayed to the public. Each contestant tries to go the farthest during the time allotted in each of the eight different exercises (row, run, pullups, squats, bike, plank, bhurpees, Dpole). All scores for each exercise are instantly recorded on the bulletin board and who – ever (man or women) has gone the farthest during the two hour competition wins.


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Acid Masters was founded in Stockholm in 2014 by Fredrik Erixon and Anders Eriksson in order to open a new gym with a new training format. Acid Masters is taking the nature sport endurance experience from the outdoors to the indoor public arena so that the crowd can have a unique experience and follow every step and heartbeat of the competitors during an endurance race. The next Acid Masters World Championship will be held in Stockholm in the end of November 2018.


HorizonSports : Philippe Deleplace (philippe@horizonsports.com)

Acid Masters : Fredrik Erixon (fredrik.erixon@drivereklam.se)