Adventure Academy Sweden 2018 Hellweek

Our 20 students are in the north of Sweden for the hellweek. With almost no food, no information about what will happen, let's see how they will handle the challenge.  

Outdoor Show - Testing Top 37

The 13th OutDoor Industry Award,  goes to 37 new and innovative products out of 250 submitted. The jury decides which products represent true innovation and have the potential to take a market segment to the next level.The top Eleven products for  innovation - receive a Gold-Award. Meet the jury and see the selected products in this informative and entertaining report.

Swansea Triathlon 2018

The Swansea Triathlon takes place in Wales’s second city and offers an exciting sprint distance race for elite and age-group athletes. This year’s event features the up and coming elite star Alex Matchett, while Rugby legend Shane Williams also takes on the city centre course. Six year old Imogen Ashwell-Lewis, who has cerebral palsy, also takes on the challenge with her team of supporters, roared on by the crowds who turn out for this evening event.

Xterra Offroad Triathlon Cyprus 2018

Let's make a stop in Cyprus – one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Famous for its blue waters, volcanic like trails and vistas of exceptional beauty, it’s the perfect destination for an XTERRA race. The event saw the athletes take on a 1.5km sea swim, followed by 32km mountain biking and they finished with a testing 10km trail run.