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Alastair Humphreys – Micro adventures are great !

Alastair Humphreys, one of the world’s leading adventure travellers, has found that “the smaller the adventure, the bigger the audience” –this was the experience with his recent book focusing on “micro-adventures” that became a huge bestseller. “When you start doing stuff, no one cares, but you have a delicious freedom” meaning that you are unknown, so you are free to fail and do something crazy. “Starting an adventure is the hardest”. During his adventure career, Humphreys has cycled around the world over a period of 4 years—covering 73,000km, 60 countries, spending £7000 and using up 3 bikes–rowed across the Atlantic and authored 9 books, but interestingly enough, this book focusing on the micro adventure  of walking around London was the most successful. He explained that he had reached a point in his life where traditional adventures no longer excited him and decided to do something different. He encourages even those potential adventurers with “a lack of time, a lack of money, a lack of equipment or expertise” to explore close to where they live .. He also encouraged turning your hobby into your career. The key to success is to present authentic stories, a lot of brands tell the story, but not very well—but there is hope….”you start rubbish, and you get good”.  “You can become a world expert in a niche—be original, not gimmicky, provide great content, repeat, substance over style”.

Laurence Fox Hopper

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