The Amazing Trento Film Festival!

The Amazing Trento Film Festival

There is so much going on all at once that you have to be really organised and plan ahead especially if you want to see the top films, which sell out quickly. Besides films, there are panel discussions, book presentations, films, cultural events, culinary rendez-vous, kids programmes and a lot more. HorizonSportsTV interviewed Sergio Fant, the programming director of the festival, who explains the mission of the annual event and how it continues to be the “mother of all mountain film festivals in the world” – and the first one – going strong in its 66th edition.  I have never seen so many of the world’s top climbers and film producers all in one place!

The Trento Film Festival showcased some 130 films, 25 competing for the coveted “genziana” d’oro or argento prizes, and several premieres of feature films, including “Tout là-haut” by Serge Hazanavicius, “Edie” by Simon Hunter, “Holy Mountain” by Reinhold Messner and “Resina” by Renzo Carbonera.  “Mountain” by Jennifer Peedom, was the unanimous choice of the public. Beautifully filmed, narrated by Willem DeFoe, and accompanied by the music of the Canberra chamber orchestra, the movie traversed the mountains and myths of mountains of the world, not leaving out the dangers and death that faced those who dared to challenge the heights.

A key ingredient in the films was the stories that were being told. Each film shared a story, some portrayed the suffering and struggle of climbers and alpinists to reach the top—or maybe not… As Reihold Messner said, “it’s not about reaching the top – it’s about the journey up “.

Go on your own or with your family and friends. Trento is a delightful and fun town and the festival shows the mountains as magical and alive . Watch the interview and all the top mountain film clips on HorizonSportsTV

See you next year at the Trento Film Festival – plan on it!

by: Laurence F. Hopper & Julia Culver