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Bringing or keeping manufacturing in Europe

For a lot of companies and mostly the smaller ones, it’s more and more important to have their products displaying “made in Europe” stickers.

Norwegian manufacturer EClima produces woollen knits in Estonia, whereas the Swedish brand Lundhags has the bulk of its production in Portugal. Austrian company Löffler makes most of its innovative bike shirts in Austria, using a secret patented Transtex® weave that wicks moisture off the body. They also have a factory in Bulgaria that “works very well” , given that it is difficult to find skilled workers to sew garments in Austria.

The knife maker MoraKniv continues to make its products in Sweden after 126 years, underlining that the very sharp knives are designed to be tools, and not weapons, though they could easily do that  as well. The company even designed a “rookie” knife for kids, explaining that children should be taught to use knives in the proper way from an early age. Try telling that to an Italian mother!

By Philippe Deleplace

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