Canada Man/Woman Triathlon, Wreck Dives on the French Riviera, Kite Masters Episode 3 and Canoe Marathon World Championship on HorizonSports this week

Canada Man / Woman Triathlon
The Canada Man / Woman is part of the XtriWorldTour world series of extreme triathlons and claims to be the ultimate long distance triathlon! It takes place in the Lac Mégantic region on a breathtaking route, in the heart of the Canadian forest and mountains, which links 3.8 km of swimming on Lac Mégantic with a departure from dawn; 180 km of cycling along the Route des Sommets (2,500 m of elevation gain); 42 km of road and trail running with an ultimate arrival at the top at the Mont Mégantic Observatory (1200 m of elevation gain)! This triathlon is one of the most intense, wildest and most beautiful in North America.

Wreck Dives on the French Riviera – L’espingole
Welcome to the first episode of our series dedicated to wreck diving on the French Mediterranean coast between Toulon and Saint Tropez. In this episode, Eric, diving instructor, takes us on L’Espingole a French counter torpedo boat which sank in 1903 after hitting a reef. The 56 m long wreck lies at 40 m depth. Discover its steel skeleton sheltering a rich fauna and flora (groupers, morays, congers …) in a magical atmosphere.

Kite Masters 2019 Episode 3 – Kite Foil Series
Welcome to the third episode of the Kite Masters Series 2019! The series that flies you around the world, together with the very best athletes from one of the most exciting, fast, extreme and stylish sports. Kiteboarding! In this Episode we are traveling on the other side of the world in Weifang China for the second act of the Kitefoil World Series and see if Toni Vodisek can keep up with his great performance beating and second fleet after Gizzeria.

2019 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championship
Shaoxing – China hosts for four days the 2019 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships in the beautiful Didang lake. Unlike Olympic sprint canoe and kayak marathon is a different discipline of the international canoe federation and it’s a complete different game. Tactics have a decisive role in the racecourse while they are not racing in lines like in sprint categories and the paddlers have to position their boat strategically within the fleet. 468 athletes from 38 countries compete in 4 main categories (Canoe and Kayak solo and for two men).

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