Climbing Nadelhorn, inside Atlas Mountain Race, Transvulcania, GWA Wingfoil World Cup Tarifa and Robbie Britton

Nadelhorn Via Normal Route – The Best Alpine Experience
Cris and Viv are hiking to the summit of Nadelhorn (4,327 m), which lies in the Mischabel group in Switzerland. We follow their adventure from the village of Saas-Fee to the Mischabel Hut, a mountain hut that lies at an elevation of 3,340 meters and that has beautiful views of Lenzspitze, Dom, Nadelhorn, Weissmies, and many other 4000-meter peaks. And finally after having crossed the Hohbalmgletscher, they go over the North-East ridge to get to the summit of Nadelhorn which offers superb views of the Alps and their summits such as the Weisshorn and the famous Matterhorn.

Inside Atlas Mountain Race
The Atlas Mountain Race is a 1300 km fixed route, unsupported, single-stage ultra cycling race that starts in Marrakesh, crosses the Moroccan Atlas before taking riders through the Anti-Atlas and on to Essaouira. The clock does not stop and there are no prizes. It follows gravel, single and double track and old colonial pistes that have long been forgotten and fallen into disrepair. There is very little tarmac. We follow Josh during his adventure and suffering on this ultra cycling challenge.

Transvulcania 2024 

La Palma, the northernmost of the 8 Canary Islands welcomes since 2009 The Transvulcania Adidas Terrex Ultra Marathon. 2800 runners from all over the world compete in one of the four races, Half marathon, marathon, ultra marathon and vertical Km.

GWA Wingfoil World Cup 2024 – Tarifa Spain
The 2024 season of the GWA Wingfoil World Tour had its second stop at Tarifa, Spain. What better place than the iconic location of Tarifa, Spain to host the GWA Wingfoil World Cup. Perfect poniente wind conditions for the competition and great skills were to be seen on the water.

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Robbie Britton – One of many rambles with Robbie.
A true adventurer of his passions and someone who seeks mastery in his interests, Robbie, does not hold back on sharing his learnings and opinions gathered through some incredible experiences and life in general. To name a few of his escapades Robbie & Co. have crossed Iceland, set an FKT on the 650km Jordan Trail, finished his first bike race of 2000km, ran 261km in 24hr earning a World & European bronze medal and team gold, completed the Kom-Emine trail in Bulgaria (finishing with a proposal to his now-wife, Natalie) and obtained an MSc in Performance Coaching.

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