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Lifestyle & recreation activities

The Outdoors seems to be the place to test yourself and push yourself to limits never dreamed of.  But at the same time it is still a family friendly environment for recreation and enjoyment at a leisurely pace followed by a picnic or meal in a mountain lodge. Regardless of the activity, being in nature, in all seasons, terrain or weather is an adventure – at all levels of expertise. Thus Horizons Sports will also have programmes about these topics / activities :

IMG_0378Technology & Equipment

Connected devices, batteries – rechargeable, drones, bikes, skis, poles, tents and shelters …





Clothes and fashion
Goggles, glassesshutterstock equipment websize 2_257142316 (3), outfits, shoes / boots …


Travel and adventure

Hiking, backpacking, camping, recreational vehicles, regional food, birds/animal watching, destinations …shutterstock campers thumbnail_75203665


Fitness, survival/rescue, medical/injury, nutrition, skin protection …

Other topics

Green economy, silver economy, kids / education, photography …


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