Cycling home from China, Golden Trail World Series 2024 Zegama, Capraia Island Trails, X-Out Montenegro and Clare Gallagher

Cycling home from China

Josh spent 4 months self filming his bike trip home from the Giant bike factory in Shanghai. During his 15 000 km trip between Shanghai China and Newcastle UK, he crossed 19 countries. A fantastic human adventure and a unique bike trip !

Golden Trail World Series 2024 Race Recaps – Episode 2 Zegama
The Zegama-Aizkorri marathon is the third race of the Golden Trail World Series. Zegama is in the northern end of the Pyrenees and It has its own language and unique culture. The race is one of the most popular in the world because of the insane crowd. Fans of trail running come every year on the famous part of the race from Sancti Spiritu segment to the Aizkorri summit to support and cheer on the runners. The race’s distance is 42 km with 2736 meters of accumulated height gain.

Wild Capraia Island – Discovering the trails 

We discover some of the amazing trails around the untouched island of Capraia  -hiking through the hilly terrain with goats, bees and glorious views as we sample an incredible selection of trails……

X-out Montenegro
X-out Montenegro is part of the Xtri World Tour. Athletes starts with a 1.7 km open-water course.15% of athletes will be eliminated by the Xekutioner, intensifying the competition. Eliminated athletes are given a time penatly and can then try to catch “The Splitter” to overtake backmarkers and get back in the race! Then a tough and demanding 40 km asphalt cycle which climbs the famous serpentine above Kotor. Designed to test endurance to the max. Another 15% of athletes are eliminated by the Xekutioner here, ensuring only the toughest stay. Finally 6.5 km of downhill trail running and 2.5 km of “vertical” monster climbing. Again eliminated athletes have the opportunity to catch the leaders.

New Podcast !

Clare Gallagher – Global Sports Activist and Earth Raging ultra runner.
Clare is above all clear on her mission. As Patagonia Global Sports Activist, she devoted to advocating for the protection of public lands and climate change policy. Adding to this incredible objective which we couldn’t be more greatful or supportive of, Clare, is one of Ultra Runnings most accomplished and passionate athletes. A true Earth Raging professional.

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