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Echappée Belle Ultra Trail, Italy Outdoor Running Scenery, Milan to Norcia by bike and the mountain film Wide Boyz on HorizonSports this week.

L’Echappée Belle 2018

Two friends ultra trailers, Bruno and Jean-Pierre, crossing the Massif de Belledonne in the French Alps. The Echappée Belle Ultra Trail is an adventure which offers a full crossing of Belledonne Mountain, from Vizille (Isere) to Aiguebelle (Savoie). This beautiful run of 144km and 11 100m D+ will bring you from 250m to 2950m on Belledonne Cross, by crossing all different alpine landscapes from refuges to refuges. You’ll discover over 30 mountain lake and forest, cross stones and moraines, glaciers and torrents. Our two friends will finish the race in a little less than 40 hours.

Italy Outdoors – Running Scenery Cervia

Our Paolo Venturini, an ultra trail runner, runs along paths through the southern part of the Comacchio national wetlands park discovering the beaches, bio-diversity and the pine trees along its shores. He ends the tour in the famous salt farms of Cervia  with an interesting explanation of why sweet salt is today’s gold.
Milan To Norcia (Umbria) By Bike
This time Michele brings us to a long trip betwwen Milan and Norcia in Umbria. His goal is to cycle to areas that have been hit by the terrible earthquakes in August and October 2016. Michele will not show destroyed houses or devastated areas; on the contrary through his trip you will discover the beauty of this region. Michele’s trip brings you through historical cities such as Mantova, Ferrara or Cattolica and natural parks such as the Delta del Po. After having reached the Adriatic coast, he crosses the Apennines cycling through very beautiful landscapes.
Film : Wide Boyz
The world of offwidth crack climbing is a strange sub-culture rumoured to be dominated by knuckle-dragging, bar-brawling dirt-bags! The climbing is tough, painful and bloody. Two climbers from England, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, set out to explore this world and climb the world’s hardest offwidths. They complete a brutal two-year training regime, mostly spent hanging upside down in a suburban Sheffield basement, before embarking on a tour of the USA. The tour culminates in the first ascent of the ultimate offwidth test piece, Century Crack, the world’s hardest offwidth.
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