Engadin Ski Marathon, Defy the Impossible, Malawi Bike Tour, Shoespiracy and Dakota Jones

Engadin Ski Marathon 2024
The Engadin Skimarathon is the second largest cross-country skiing event in the world and the largest cross-country skiing event in Switzerland. Among the large crowd of participants are also world-class runners. Every year, Switzerland’s largest sports event attracts more than 11’000 cross-country fans from over 67 nations to the Upper Engadin valley.

Defy The Impossible
The iron distance, the ultimate test of human physical endurance. From fifteen brave souls in nineteen seventy eight, to now more than seventy thousand each year. A three point eight kilometre swim, one hundred and eighty kilometre bike and a marathon, back to back. But there are two marks which remain beyond the scope of what a human can physically do : Breaking through the barrier sub 7 hours (Men) and sub 8 hours (Women). The Sub7/Sub8 Project organized by the Pho3nix Foundation was an ambitious endeavor to push the limits of human endurance. Four elite triathletes—Blummenfelt, Joe Skipper, Kat Matthews and Nicola Spririg—set out to clock times never seen before at the Ironman distance.

Malawi Bike Tour

Our friend bikepacker and adventurer Michele is on a 4 weeks and 1400 km bike trip through savanna, mountains and forests in Malawi. Fantastic African adventure, gorgeous scenery, great human encounters, wildlife.

Shoespiracy is shedding light on a ‘shoe-shaped’ public health scandal. This feet-first short documentary, made in collaboration with Fable Films, is set to challenge you to think differently about your shoes, the negative effects your footwear is having on your feet, the way you move and ultimately your health. Shoespiracy, was made with the some of the biggest brains connected to feet and barefoot science today, including professors, doctors, bio-mechanists, movement experts, opinion formers and cobblers.

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Dakota Jones – Trying to leave footprints everywhere, but only footprints.
Dakota has been running trails ever since he found that trail running wasn’t nearly as competitive as road running, and that it might give him a shot at being famous. He still isn’t famous, but it turns out he really likes exploring wild places on foot. Indeed, this unexpected appreciation of nature has resulted in him doing all kinds of complicated things in order to try to save the environment, like taking a cargo ship across the ocean and being a pain in the ass at potlucks by not eating meat. Dakota puts his emotion into action working along side partners such as Protect Our Winters (POW), utilising his ability to run fast on trails to promote sustainability and respect.

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