Expedition Canada Season 1 Ep2, Super league Triathlon London, Deutschland Tour, Kite Masters Ep2 and Courtney Dauwalter

Expedition Canada  Season 1 Ep 2
A dedicated team of adventure aficionados in the central and south Okanagan work against the clock to build the second edition of Expedition Canada. Episode 2 : Washed out trails, blown time estimates, and other misadventures threaten to stop the second running of the Expedition Canada in the central and south Okanagan before it even makes it through course testing, and we meet a few broken people throughout BC

Super League Triathlon London 2023
Welcome to round one of the Super League Triathlon Championship series 2023 in London, first of 4 rounds across three continents in eight weeks. The classic Enduro format was utilised, basically a non-stop burst of nine back-to-back triathlon disciplines without any breaks (or a 300m swim/4km bike/1.6km run repeated continuously three times in a row).

Deutschland Tour 2023

The Deutschland Tour takes place for the fifth time in 2023. Bigger and more colorful than ever. From August 23 to 27, the Deutschland Tour 2023 connects German cities and regions with an opening timetrial and four challenging stages.

Kite Masters 2023 – Episode 2
Just a couple of months following the exhilarating Formula Kite Youth European Championship held in Torregrande, a vibrant spectacle unfolded as youthful riders converged upon Gizzeria, Italy. Their purpose: to engage in fierce competition at the esteemed 2023 Formula Kite Youth World Championships. Gizzeria, a magnetic draw for young kitefoilers worldwide, played host to this eagerly awaited event, set against the backdrop of the renowned Hang Loose Beach. Enthusiastic participants under the age of 21 gathered here, poised to vie for supremacy.

New Podcast !

Courtney Dauwalter – Ultra runner with a love for sunshine, long inseams, and candy.
With a record surpassing most athletes in the sport of ultra running, Courtney, has a few super powers, one being her ability to have a great laugh and another being her ability to be humble and simply human.

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