Expedition Canada Season 2 Ep1, Racing Georgia Ep2, Freestyle-Kite World Cup Brazil 2023, Kite Masters Ep5 and Clare Gallagher

Expedition Canada Season 2 Ep.1
Connecting remote wilderness areas throughout the Okanagan backcountry to string together another world class expedition race is what these ladies, Nathalie Long of Kelowna and Lyndie Hill live for, so long as neither of them get lost in the process. Episode 1 : Finding the Start. Nathalie Long and Lyndie are at it again trying to link up 5 remote areas in the Okanagan backwoods to string together another world class race and not lose anyone in the process.

Racing Georgia Ep.2
In June of 2022, Jeff travelled to the country of Georgia to compete in a 7-day stage race with Racing the Planet. He'd run 250 km while carrying all of his food and supplies for the week on his back, and this 7-part series documents his entire adventure. It's now time to head to camp for the start of the race and face stage 1.

Copa Kitley GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup Brazil 2023
The Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour is excited to return to Brazil for another Freestyle World Cup event in 2023! It is the fourth call in the Freestyle discipline before the tour heads to Fuwairit, Qatar, for the season finale to crown the world champions.The titles races in all the disciplines are finely poised and wide open. The Brazil stops hold out the prospect of mouthwatering action as the athletes clash to press their bids for the coveted crowns.

Kite Masters 2023 Ep.5
Over the years, Poetto Beach has indisputably proven to be a favorite among international riders, offering a stunning backdrop on the south coast of the magnificent Italian island nestled in the Mediterranean. The 2023 KiteFoil World Series' second stop witnessed awe-inspiring performances by elite kiteboarders, leaving spectators in awe. As these remarkable athletes gear up for the upcoming year's Olympic Games, the anticipation and energy continue to build, promising an unforgettable journey in the world of kiteboarding.

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Clare Gallagher - Global Sports Activist and Earth Raging ultra runner.
Clare is above all clear on her mission. As Patagonia Global Sports Activist, she devoted to advocating for the protection of public lands and climate change policy. Adding to this incredible objective which we couldn't be more greatful or supportive of, Clare, is one of Ultra Runnings most accomplished and passionate athletes. A true Earth Raging professional.

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